About Ours Dojo
We have more than 12 dojos for praticing around Chofu City. The location, practice time and etc are listed in the following table. One who registered (member) can pratices in any of ours dojo.
Aldults(regular), Children and Ladies classes are available.

Aikikai Foundation Instructor
Lessons given by the instructor from world Aikido headquarters (Honbu Dojo) are available 4th a month. Please refer to our practise schedule for further infomation.

Dojo Name class Days Time Location Instructor
"Kokuryo" Jidokan Children Thu PM 6:30-8:00 3-8-15 Kokuryo-cho [map] S. Fukuyama
Adults Thu PM 8:00-9:30
"Chofugaoka" Jidokan Adults Thu PM 7:00-9:00 2-36-1 Chofugaoka [map] T. Kuriyama
Children Sat PM 6:00-7:00
Adults Sat PM 7:10-8:40
Fureai no Ie Women Tue AM 9:30-11:00 3-3-17 Fujimicho T. Kuriyama
"Someti" Jidokan Children Sat PM 6:30-8:00 2-41-12 Someti [map] N. Kobayashi
Adults Sat PM 8:00-9:30
"Jintyu" Taiikukan Children Sun PM 1:00-2:00 5-26 Sasu-cho [map] T. Ishihara
Adults Sun PM 2:10-3:30
"Kashiwano" Syogako Children Sat PM 2:00-3:00 1-1-1 Jindaji minami-cho [map] S. Chiba
Adults Sat PM 2:00-3:30
"Ishihara" Syogako Children & Parents Mon PM 7:00-8:00 1-37-1 Fujimi-cho [map] M. Nishimura
Adults Mon PM 8:00-8:50 M. Nishimura
Adults Tue PM 7:15-8:30 M. Nishimura
(closed on 2nd Sat of each month)
Children(5yr-2grade) Wed PM 3:30-4:30 2-4-1 Kami-Ishihara [map] T. Ishihara
Y. Takayama
Children(3-6grade) Wed PM 4:45-5:45 T. Ishihara
F. Kobayashi
Adults Sat AM 9:00-12:00 S. Asaoka
"Hokubu" Dojo Jintyu Taiikukan Children Wed PM 7:00-7:55 5-26 Sasu-cho [map] H. Shiragawa
Adults Wed PM 8:00-8:50
Yakumodai Syogako Children Fri PM 7:00-7:55 1-1-1 Yamoedai [map]
Adults Fri PM 8:00-8:50