Adviser: OTANI Kazue Shihan
1974 Instruction of aikido in Chofu-shi
1981 Established the Chofu City Aikido Federation (Chairman)
1982 Joined the Chofu gymnastics association
1993 Promoted to 7th DAN
1996 Trustee Chairman of the Tokyo Municipal Aikido Federation
2001 Distinguished Budo Aaward (The Japanese Budo conference)
1997 Promoted to 8th DAN

Adviser of the Tokyo Aikido Federation, and Chofu City Aikido Federation

Chairman: ISHIHARA Tadao
1995 Chairman of Chofu City Aikido Federation
1995 Tokyo Aikido Federation trustee
2004 Promoted to 6th DAN

About Chofu City ( Tokyo ) 

Chofu City is located at around Tokyo Metropolis, near at the southeast of Tama district. The main transportation are the keio railway train, national route 20(Koshu Highway), and Chuo expressway. It take about 15 min by Keio line from Shinjuku.

Chofu City Aikido Federation

Otani Sensei has been made his best endeavor to spread of Japanese martial "Aikido" in Chofu city, since 1974. The chief of his aim is to bring up of healthy youth no even physically but also mentally through Aikido. The Chofu City Aikido Federation was established later on in 1981, now it has grown into 12 dojos, and has about 370 members (general 120 and children 250).